Diagonal Bamboo

Diagonal Bamboo

Diagonal Bamboo is a grand dynamic design in a small Meiji format. X compositions are rare- seen in the cross of big bamboo stalks. In printing the x’s turn into a big and small check when repeated.  Mondrian eschewed diagonals because he thought it was cheating; they just have too much visual punch. In this pattern the swift movement of the eye following the stalks is slowed by clusters of curling leaves.

Medium Size — Typical size for a medium type is 11.5" x 13.5" Square Size — Typical sizes for a square type are 14.5" x 13.5"

Dark Ground Composition — in a dark ground stencil, the page is dark and lines and forms are cut away to appear light in the printing.

Silk Reinforcement — this stencil is reinforced with silk threads woven specifically to this pattern inserted between two sheets of carved paper.

Subject — flora

Keywords — best, dynamic, graphic line, meiji, modern, pictorial, silk

This original katagami is available for purchase. Price upon request.

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